What is another word for naiads?

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"Naiads" are mythological creatures that are believed to be nymphs of the water. Naiads are said to inhabit various bodies of water such as fountains, springs, rivers, and lakes. While "naiads" is the most commonly used term when referring to these mythical water spirits, there are also other synonymous words associated with this creature. The terms "nymphs," "water sprites," and "undines" are often used interchangeably with "naiads." These words all describe mythical spirits that are believed to share the same characteristics as a "naiad." They are often depicted as being beautiful, free-spirited, and ethereal beings that represent the natural world.

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    The nereids were a group of goddesses who derive their name from the root word "nāeidos," which means "river-based." The nereids were daughters of the river Nereus. They were known for their beauty and their ability to control the flow of rivers and waterfalls.

    Some of the most famous nereids were Caietana, Doris, and Nereus' daughter Doris. Caietana was known for her prophetic abilities, Doris for her healing powers, and Nereus' daughter Doris for her ability to control the flow of rivers.

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