What is another word for naked?

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Naked is a word that describes a person or object that has no covering, dress, or any shielding. However, there are several other words or synonyms to describe a naked person or object, such as bare, uncovered, unclothed, exposed, stark, nude, stripped, undressed, or unclad. Some of these synonyms have a slightly different connotation and are used in specific circumstances. For instance, uncovered is often used when referring to something that was previously concealed but now exposed, while nude is associated with an artistic or elegant portrayal of uncovered skin. In essence, using a synonym for naked when describing something can add more depth, tone, and meaning to your sentence.

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    When most people think of naked, they imagine someone sans clothes. But what about the naked artist?

    Naked art can come from a variety of sources, whether you are inspired by your environment or working with figurative or abstract media. These pieces can be emotional, revealing and sometimes just plain wild.

    One of the first artists to make a name for themselves with their naked work was David Wojnarowicz, who fought fiercely against censorship in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. His work, which often explored representations of sadomasochism, quickly reached a wider audience and helped to redefine what it meant to be naked.

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