What is another word for naming?

Pronunciation: [nˈe͡ɪmɪŋ] (IPA)

Naming is an essential process of assigning a name or an identification to someone or something. However, if someone wants to use different words to convey the same meaning, there are several synonyms available for the word 'naming.' Some of them might include terms like identifying, designating, baptizing, labeling, branding, titling, categorizing, classifying, ascribing, specifying, and characterizing. All these synonyms for 'naming' have a distinctive tone or context of use. For instance, specifying may refer to providing particular details about something, while baptizing typically describes the process of giving a name in a religious context. Ultimately, all these words convey the same meaning of assigning significance to a particular person, object or concept.

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What are the opposite words for naming?

Antonyms for the word "naming" include "unlabeling," "concealing," and "anonymizing." "Unlabeling" refers to the act of removing a name or label from an object or person. "Concealing" means keeping something hidden or secret, while "anonymizing" refers to the process of making something or someone anonymous or unidentifiable. These antonyms suggest a lack of recognition or identification, a suppression of identity or the desire for anonymity. In certain contexts, these antonyms may be necessary or desirable, such as in protecting privacy or maintaining confidentiality.

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Usage examples for Naming

I make with haste this naming of things to eat.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
That assertion, instead of injuring me, convicted Peary of trying to steal from Captain Sverdrup the honor of discovering and naming Svartevoeg.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
For, as yet, he hesitated about naming Cornelia to his mother.
"The Maid of Maiden Lane"
Amelia E. Barr

Famous quotes with Naming

  • Jimmy Carter began his planning in the early summer of 1976, Ronald Reagan a year prior. The Clinton Administration, elected in 1992, lingered in naming its team, and as a result, took almost a year to staff its ranks.
    Richard V. Allen
  • Although I am deeply grateful to a great many people, I forgo the temptation of naming them for fear that I might slight any by omission.
    Theodore Bikel
  • Without naming names, I think other movies look more realistic but they feel less real.
    Brad Bird
  • The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing.
    Pierre Bonnard
  • For me, naming bands was the forerunner to really writing lyrics, because I work off titles.
    Jim Capaldi

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