What is another word for naturism?

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Naturism, also known as nudism, is a lifestyle that embraces social nudity in natural settings. For those who prefer not to use the term "naturism", there are a few other synonyms that refer to the same practice. "Clothing-optional" indicates the choice to wear clothes or not, while "natural living" emphasizes the connection to nature that is often central to naturist philosophy. "Freikörperkultur" (FKK) is a German term that loosely translates to "free body culture", and is used in many parts of Europe to describe naturist practices. Lastly, "bareness" simply refers to the state of being without clothing and can also be used as a synonym for naturism.

How to use "Naturism" in context?

Naturism is a lifestyle that embraces free and unrestricted exposure to the natural environment, without the use of clothing. Although naturism has been around for centuries, it is gaining in popularity as people discover its benefits.

Naturism has been shown to have a variety of benefits, including reducing stress, improving mental health, reducing anxiety, improving cardiovascular health, and improving sexual health. When people feel comfortable in their own skin, they are more likely to be relaxed and enjoy activities in nature.

Naturism also offers a sense of community.

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