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Navigable refers to a body of water, such as a river or canal, that is deep and wide enough to allow ships to travel through without obstruction. Synonyms for navigable include passable, traversable, and negotiable. These terms all refer to the ability to move through a natural or man-made landscape with ease. A navigable waterway is a vital component of trade and transportation, and it allows for the movement of goods and people between different locations. Other synonyms for navigable can include accessible, usable, and open for travel. These words all refer to the ease and convenience of movement through a specific space.

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Navigable waters are those that are open enough for vessels of all sizes to pass through, relative to the surrounding environment. Navigable waters encompass not only the waterways we can see from our shorelines, but also underground waterways, such as those in rivers and canals.

To be navigable, a waterway must fulfill certain requirements, including a depth of water that is deep enough for a vessel to draft normally, clear waterway margins, and a sufficient width to enable two or more vessels to pass without colliding.

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