What is another word for neoplastic?

Pronunciation: [nˌiːə͡ʊplˈastɪk] (IPA)

Neoplastic refers to the development of new and abnormal growth in tissue. The term is commonly used in medical terminology, particularly within the context of cancer diagnosis. Synonyms for neoplastic include carcinogenic, tumorigenic, malignant, cancerous, and oncogenic. These words all refer to the development of potentially harmful growths, but each term has a slightly different connotation. Carcinogenic and tumorigenic, for example, refer specifically to substances or agents that cause cancer or tumors. Malignant and cancerous both describe growths that are cancerous, while oncogenic refers to the genetic changes that lead to cancer. Using different synonyms for neoplastic allows for greater precision and specificity in medical discussions.

Usage examples for Neoplastic

It's known all over the world that the medical award is going to the discoverer of the basic cause of cancer, to the founder of modern neoplastic therapy.
"A Prize for Edie"
Jesse Franklin Bone
There are many neoplastic persuasions and toxic suggestions that must be treated with tact and firmness.
James J. Walsh

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