What is another word for nettlesome?

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[ nˈɛtə͡lsˌʌm], [ nˈɛtə‍lsˌʌm], [ n_ˈɛ_t_əl_s_ˌʌ_m]

Nettlesome is a term usually used to describe something that is annoying, irritating, or vexatious. Some synonyms for this word that come to mind include bothersome, irksome, and grating. Other options might include vexing, exasperating, and frustrating. Depending on the context, specific words like annoying, pesky, or troublesome might be more appropriate substitutions. Ultimately, the best synonym for nettlesome will depend on the tone and focus of the sentence or phrase in question. By carefully considering the nuances of each option, readers can choose the most precise and impactful language to convey their intended meaning.

Synonyms for Nettlesome:

How to use "Nettlesome" in context?

Nettlesome is a word that describes something or someone that is bothersome or difficult to handle. In this context, it can be used to describe something that is difficult to get rid of or deal with. Nettlesome can also be used to describe something that is irritating or bothersome in a personal way.

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