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Nevada, known for its deserts, mountains, and casinos, has a few interesting synonyms worth noting. The name comes from the Spanish word "nevada," which means "snow-covered," a reference to the state's mountains. "Silver State" is another synonym, as Nevada is known for its silver mines and the silver rush of the mid-1800s. "Battle Born State" refers to Nevada's admittance to the Union during the Civil War, and "Sagebrush State" references the state's vast desert landscape. "Biggest Little City in the World" is a nickname for Reno, and "Las Vegas" is Spanish for "The Meadows," a nod to its origins as an oasis in the desert.

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Nevada is both a state in the United States of America and the name of a major mountain range there. The range traverses north-south and is about 200 miles long. The state is geographically diverse and contains long, dry, sandy deserts as well as snow-capped mountains. Nevada is known for its legalized gambling and its tourism industry, which relies heavily on gaming. The state also has several important nuclear sites.

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