What is another word for Newborns?

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[ njˈuːbɔːnz], [ njˈuːbɔːnz], [ n_j_ˈuː_b_ɔː_n_z]

Newborns are infants that have been recently born and are in their earliest days of life. There are several different synonyms that can be used to refer to newborns, including newborn babies, neonates, and newborn infants. Other terms that can be used to describe this stage of life include just-born babies, infant newcomers, and initial infant arrivals. The term "new life," "new beginnings," and "babes in arms" can also refer to newborns. Often, parents will use endearing terms such as bundle of joy, little one, or precious miracle to describe their newborn baby. Regardless of the term used, a newborn is a precious and delicate life that requires love, care, and attention.

How to use "Newborns" in context?

There is no question that Newborns are amazing little creatures. They are so small and helpless, but they are also full of life and curiosity.

Newborns are typically very active and want to explore their surroundings. They may keep moving and shifting around for hours, constantly trying to explore their new world.

Their eyesight is not very good yet, so they may be fascinated by light and movement. They love to hear sounds and may kick and cry when they are disturbed.

Newborns are also extremely sensitive to touch. If you hold them, they will instinctively relax and may start to fall asleep.

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