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The word "niblick" is a term that has largely lost its relevance in modern times. It was originally a golfing term, referring to a club used for short approaches and pitch shots. Today, the term is rarely used, and most people would instead use the more common term "wedge" to describe this type of golf club. In fact, "niblick" is sometimes used as a synonym for "wedge," although this usage is uncommon. Other potential synonyms might include "pitching wedge," "sand wedge," or "lob wedge," which are all specific types of wedges used for different types of shots around the green.

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The niblick is a type of cricket stick that is used in First-Class cricket, List A cricket and Twenty20 cricket. It is a club-like stick with a straight shaft, and a rounded end that is slightly raised. The Niblick is known for its accurate bowlings.

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