What is another word for niece?

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Niece is a specific term used to refer to the daughter of someone's brother or sister. However, there are plenty of other words that can describe that relationship, depending on the speaker's preference or regional vocabulary. Some alternatives to niece include "nibling," a gender-neutral term that includes both nieces and nephews, "bice" or "nice" for nephews and nieces respectively, or even "niecelet" or "niecekin" for a particularly beloved or close niece. In some areas and cultures, even more terms may be used to describe extended family relationships, adding even more variety to this linguistic field.

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    How to use "Niece" in context?

    Nieces are special women in aunts' lives. They are often considered the daughters of their aunt, although this is not always the case. A niece is usually older than the child of the aunt by about a year. She often shares the same birthday, and is usually very close to her aunt. A niece is usually much loved by her aunt, and can expect her aunt to take care of her in many ways. Aunts often spoil their nieces with gifts, attention, and special care. Nieces often look to their aunts for guidance and advice.

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