What is another word for nob?

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The word "nob" is a colloquial term meaning "aristocrat" or "nobleman." If you're looking for synonyms to use when referring to members of the upper class, there are a few options to choose from. Some common synonyms for "nob" include "blue blood," "patrician," "gentleman," "noble," "lord," and "peer." These words all convey a sense of wealth, status, and privilege. Depending on the context, you could also use terms like "elitist," "privileged," or even "snob" to describe someone who acts superior or entitled because of their social status. Ultimately, the right choice of word will depend on the tone and context of your writing or conversation.

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    How to use "Nob" in context?

    How to Be a nob:

    1. Be confident and carry yourself with a certain air of superiority.

    2. Be outspoken and never timid when it comes to speaking your mind.

    3. Dress sharply and avoid wearing anything that is too casual or frumpy.

    4. Make sure to always be well-groomed, with a sharp-looking suit or elegant dress.

    5. Be knowledgable about the latest trends and be able to hold your own in a conversation.

    6. Speak intelligently and with a sophisticated edge, always seeming to know more than everyone else.

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