What is another word for nomination?

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When it comes to the word "nomination," there are a few synonyms that can come to mind. For instance, it could be replaced by "appointment," which is a more formal way of saying that someone has been chosen for a specific role or position. Another possible synonym is "designation," which implies that someone has been chosen or assigned a particular function. "Selection" could also be a possibility, especially if someone is being chosen from a larger group. Lastly, "candidacy" is another potential synonym, highlighting the fact that the person being nominated is a candidate for a particular job or position. Regardless of which word is used, they all convey the idea of being chosen for a specific role or responsibility.

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    Nomination is the act of nominating someone for a particular office, such as a political or legal position. The nominee must meet certain qualifications, typically including being a registered voter in the state or territory in which they are being nominated, being of a certain age, and having been a resident of the state or territory for a certain amount of time.

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