What is another word for non compos mentis?

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[ nˈɒn kəmpˈə͡ʊz mˈɛntiz], [ nˈɒn kəmpˈə‍ʊz mˈɛntiz], [ n_ˈɒ_n k_ə_m_p_ˈəʊ_z m_ˈɛ_n_t_i_z]

Synonyms for Non compos mentis:

How to use "Non compos mentis" in context?

When we hear the phrase "non compos mentis", we may think of someone who is ill or in a deep state of shock. But in legal terms, the phrase refers to someone who is not of sound mind. This can be a difficult concept to understand, especially as it can often seem like someone is behaving in a strange or erratic manner without necessarily being inebriated or having a mental health condition. In legal terms, being non compos mentis is often used as a defence in criminal proceedings. It can be used to explain why a person acted in a particular way, even if they knew that it was against the law.

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