What is another word for nonchalant?

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[ nˈɒnʃələnt], [ nˈɒnʃələnt], [ n_ˈɒ_n_ʃ_ə_l_ə_n_t]

Nonchalant refers to a person who appears casual or uninvolved in a situation. Some common synonyms for nonchalant include unconcerned, indifferent, carefree, relaxed, laid-back, easygoing, unflappable, composed, cool, calm, collected, and insouciant. These terms can be used to describe a person who remains calm and collected even in stressful situations. For instance, someone who is relaxed under pressure could be described as nonchalant. Other words, like dispassionate, apathetic, and blase, indicate a lack of enthusiasm or emotion. Nonchalant behavior can be seen as confident or unconcerned, but it can also be interpreted as a lack of interest or investment in a situation.

Synonyms for Nonchalant:

How to use "Nonchalant" in context?

The word "nonchalant" is often used to describe people who act as if they don't care much about something. When someone is nonchalant, they may seem unaffected by the situation or event. This detachment can sometimes be a sign of confidence and strength.

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