What is another word for none too?

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[ nˈʌn tˈuː], [ nˈʌn tˈuː], [ n_ˈʌ_n t_ˈuː]

The phrase "none too" is commonly used to denote a negative degree or intensity. Synonyms for this phrase could include "not very," "hardly," "scarcely," "barely," "just barely," or "not particularly." These words or phrases provide a way to convey a lack of enthusiasm or intensity. For example, "I was none too pleased with the outcome of the meeting" could be rephrased as "I was not particularly thrilled with the outcome of the meeting." Switching up the phrasing can provide a more nuanced way to express emotions or thoughts about a situation.

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    How to use "None too" in context?

    The term "none too" is a form of mild rebuke and is often used when a speaker feels that the other person has done something that is not quite up to par. For example, if someone fails to greet someone properly, they might say, "You're none too great at small talk" in response to the other person's lack of courteous greetings.

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