What is another word for nonphysical?

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[ nˌɒnfˈɪzɪkə͡l], [ nˌɒnfˈɪzɪkə‍l], [ n_ˌɒ_n_f_ˈɪ_z_ɪ_k_əl]

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    How to use "Nonphysical" in context?

    Nonphysical beings occupy a vast range of experiences and perspectives. Besides the distinctly different entities that are classified as spirits (e.g. ghosts, poltergeists, and gods), the nonphysical world can also be populated by creatures such as animals, plants, rocks, and elements. In some cases, nonphysical entities interact with physical beings, while in others they exist completely independent of humanity.

    The concept of nonphysical entities has varied over time and across cultures. In ancient Greece and Rome, divining oracles were considered to be inhabited by nonphysical spirits, which could be consulted for guidance in matters of the world.

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