What is another word for Nor?

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Nor is a negative conjunction used to indicate the absence of something or to present a negative correlation between two elements. There are some synonyms for the word "Nor" that can help you diversify your vocabulary and achieve more precise communication. Some of the most common options are "neither," "not either," "no more," "nevermore," "not one," "not a one," and "not even one." Depending on the context, you can choose the most suitable synonym to convey your message effectively and efficiently. Remember that using synonyms can enrich your writing and help you avoid repetition, making your text more engaging and compelling.

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    The antonyms for the word 'nor' include 'or', 'either', 'neither', and 'nor yet'. 'Or' refers to the choice between two alternatives, usually used to express a condition or an option. 'Either' indicates a choice between two options, which might be either one of two things. 'Neither' is a negative counterpart of 'either', indicating negative results. Lastly, 'nor yet' means 'not now' or 'not at this time.' These antonyms are essential in English language and can help in determining the correct usage of words in sentences or phrases. Understanding the antonyms of 'nor' can improve communication skills and fluency in the language.

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