What is another word for northwest?

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[ n_ɔː_θ_w_ˈɛ_s_t], [ nɔːθwˈɛst], [ nɔːθwˈɛst]

Synonyms for Northwest:

northwest (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Northwest:

  1. repressed, vest, professed, congest, quest, blest, depressed, midwest, possessed, chest, unaddressed, confessed, test, recessed, request, messed, divest, zest, digressed, best, oppressed, unrest, progressed, distressed, jest, digest, invest, undressed, stressed, guest, guessed, suggest, infest, gest, transgressed, suppressed, obsessed, rest, crest, contest, pest, breast, pressed, blessed, compressed, west, ingest, nest, unimpressed, detest, expressed, southwest, wrest, impressed, protest, dressed;
  2. assessed, bequest, attest, addressed, arrest, abreast, behest;
  3. coalesced, dispossessed, acquiesced;

Quotes for Northwest:

  1. It has to be because unemployment problems in northwest Indiana are similar to those in southeast Chicago. Richard M. Daley.
  2. In the 19th Century people were looking for the Northwest Passage. Ships were lost and brave people were killed, but that doesn't mean we never went back to that part of the world again, and I consider it the same in space exploration. John L. Phillips.
  3. Remember, the Arctic didn't have any ice. And the Northwest Passage was wide open. They were raising grapes in Scotland for God sakes, had a huge winery. Iceland was a farming community. As some of the glaciers retreated they found villages that were covered with ice. Don Young.

Adjectives for Northwest:

  • rich and now free,
  • wide canadian,
  • entire maritime,
  • great free,
  • extreme,
  • rich,
  • soft,
  • debonair royal,
  • always proud and happy,
  • typical maritime,
  • short, oppressive,
  • gigantic and unknown,
  • great unorganized,
  • much hoped-for,
  • always proud,
  • entire canadian,
  • entire great,
  • fertile and beautiful,
  • fair and fertile,
  • great canadian,
  • big, white,
  • great and powerful,
  • fertile,
  • gigantic,
  • happy,
  • fair,
  • big,
  • short,
  • full,
  • strong,
  • great,
  • farthest.