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Notation refers to the system of symbols used to represent different values or ideas. Synonyms for notation include symbols, signs, characters, marks, codes, numerals, figures, and handwriting. Depending on the context, other alternatives to notation include labeling, scoring, recording, categorizing, jotting, and tagging. In music, notation refers to the written or printed representation of musical symbols, and synonyms in this context include sheet music, musical score, or tablature. In mathematics, notation refers to the way mathematical symbols are used to represent numbers, variables, and expressions, and synonyms include mathematical notation and mathematical symbols. Overall, there are many synonyms for notation, all of which provide alternative ways to represent values and ideas visually.

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In music notation, the staff is the traditional means of notating melody and lyrics, as well as main structural elements such as chords and time signatures. The staff usually comprises six lines, each divided into two stems, and each stem may be divided into two parts (or "lines"). Lines are also divided into four quarters, and each quarter is further divided into eight lines. Notes are notated on the lines, with the letter name at the bottom of the line and the pitch at the top. The performer reads the notes from left to right, starting at the bottom of the staff, and plays the melody or lyrics according to the notated rhythm.

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