What is another word for nymphalis?

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[ nɪmfˈɑːliz], [ nɪmfˈɑːliz], [ n_ɪ_m_f_ˈɑː_l_i_z]

Nymphalis is a genus of butterflies that belong to the family Nymphalidae. These butterflies are known for their beautiful, vivid colors and patterns that make them a favorite among butterfly enthusiasts. Some common synonyms for the word Nymphalis are brush-footed butterflies, fritillaries, and true nymphalids. The term brush-footed butterflies comes from the fact that these butterflies have a small pair of legs that they use to groom their antennae, which are often referred to as their "brushes." Fritillaries are a specific type of butterfly within the Nymphalidae family, and true nymphalids refers to the fact that these butterflies are part of the Nymphalidae family.

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    Thenymphalis, or the butterfly, is the last stage of a caterpillar's life. It is a tiny, yellow, fragile creature that is barely noticeable to the naked eye. But to those who know where to look, thenymphalis can be quite stunning.

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