What is another word for oarlock?

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An oarlock is a device used to secure an oar in place on a boat or other water vessel. There are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this important marine item, depending on the type or style of boat involved. Some of these synonyms include thole pin, rowlock, and oar holder. Other possible terms include boat hook, paddle lock, and oar stop. Regardless of the specific terminology used, however, the oarlock is an essential tool for any seafarer, allowing them to propel their vessel through the water with maximum speed and efficiency.

How to use "Oarlock" in context?

The oarlock is a tensioning system found on some recreational boats. It is a simple but effective mechanism that uses a strap to attach the oar to the boat. When the strap is tensioned, it holds the oar in place.

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