What is another word for OAUS?

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[ ˈə͡ʊəs], [ ˈə‍ʊəs], [ ˈəʊ_ə_s]

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    How to use "OAUS" in context?

    On August 15, 2017, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) issued the bulletin No. 17 announcing that the country is now residing in a state of OAUS, or abnormally elevated air pressure. The state of OAUS is a result of an El Niño phenomenon and is characterized by extreme rain and thunderstorms anomalies in many parts of the country.

    According to PAGASA, most parts of the country experienced an increase of 1 to 3 kPa in pressure due to the unusual weather patterns.

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