What is another word for OAV?

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OAV is a term that is typically used in the field of animation and refers to Original Animated Video. Essentially, these are animated productions that are not aired on television but are instead released directly to the home video market. While there may not be many synonyms for OAV specifically, there are other terms that are related to animated productions. For example, direct-to-video (DTV) or straight-to-video (STV) can be used to refer to any kind of video content that is released without being shown in theaters or on TV. Another related term is Original Video Animation (OVA), which is similar to OAV but is typically used to refer to Japanese-produced animation.

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How to use "OAV" in context?

OAV, also known as Original Animated Video, is a Japanese animation production format that consists of either one, two, or three episodes. OAVs are often released theatrically in home video packages, and are not generally considered part of a series.

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