What is another word for object to?

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[ ˈɒbd͡ʒɛkt tuː], [ ˈɒbd‍ʒɛkt tuː], [ ˈɒ_b_dʒ_ɛ_k_t t_uː]

There are various synonyms for the phrase "object to." Some of these include disagree with, oppose, resist, dispute, challenge, protest, denounce, condemn, criticize, and reject. All of these terms indicate an unwillingness to accept or approve of something. Depending on the context, the specific synonym that is used can convey different shades of meaning. For example, objecting to something might simply indicate a difference of opinion, whereas denouncing something suggests a stronger sense of moral indignation or condemnation. By understanding the nuances of these different synonyms, speakers and writers can effectively communicate their feelings and ideas with greater clarity and precision.

Synonyms for Object to:

How to use "Object to" in context?

Object to is an adverb that means "to refuse," "to oppose," or "to object." It is most commonly used in the infinitive form, objecting, but also exists as an adjective, such as objecting to the proposal.

One common use of object to is in the phrase "I object to your accusation." This means that the speaker does not agree with the accusation, and wants to have a conversation about why it is being made instead.

Another common use of object to is when someone is refusing something.

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