What is another word for obsession?

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Obsession is a powerful and intense emotion that can take over one's thoughts and actions. Synonyms for obsession include fixation, preoccupation, infatuation, addiction, passion, compulsion, mania, and craving. These words describe the same intense focus and determination that obsession brings. Fixation suggests a strong attachment to something or someone, while preoccupation refers to being consumed with thoughts and worries about a particular issue. Infatuation connotes a strong attraction to someone or something that borders on being unreasonable. Addiction implies a need or dependence on something, while passion suggests a strong enthusiasm for something. Compulsion refers to an uncontrollable urge or impulse, while mania is an extreme form of obsession. Craving is the desire to have something that one cannot resist.

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How to use "Obsession" in context?

In English, "obsession" means an intense or passionate interest in something. It can be a bad thing, because it can become a fixation on something that's not good for you. But obsession can also be a good thing, because it can be a powerful motivation to achieve a goal. Obsession can be something that you have, or it can be something that other people have against you.

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