What is another word for obstinate person?

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[ ˈɒbstɪnˌe͡ɪt pˈɜːsən], [ ˈɒbstɪnˌe‍ɪt pˈɜːsən], [ ˈɒ_b_s_t_ɪ_n_ˌeɪ_t p_ˈɜː_s_ə_n]

An obstinate person is someone who is stubborn or inflexible in their opinions, beliefs, or actions. There are several synonyms for the word obstinate person such as stubborn, headstrong, unyielding, relentless, pigheaded, bullheaded, immovable, persistent, recalcitrant, and tenacious. A stubborn person is someone who refuses to change their mind or behavior even when faced with compelling reasons to do so. A headstrong person is someone who is determined to do what they want regardless of the consequences. Someone who is unyielding is unwilling to compromise or make concessions. A relentless person is someone who will not stop pursuing something until they achieve it.

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    There is no one definition of obstinate person, as it is a term that reflects the individual's own personality. Generally, people who are obstinate are not willing to change their opinions or actions, even when they have been proven wrong. They also tend to be very proud of their opinions and are not likely to back down easily. Some people believe that obstinate people are less flexible and less able to think critically. While there is some truth to this, obstinate people can be very determined and skilled at sticking to their beliefs, no matter what. They can also be very resilient and capable of bouncing back from difficult situations.

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