What is another word for obstructive?

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Obstructive is a word that describes something or someone that causes obstacles or impedes progress. Synonyms for obstructive include obstructing, hindering, impeding, blocking, hampering, hindrance, encumbering, frustrating, thwarting, and stopping. These words describe the action of preventing or slowing down something from happening. Other synonyms for obstructive include obtrusive, intrusive, and meddlesome, which relate to someone being excessively involved or interfering with something. Additionally, the word clogging can also be a synonym for obstructive, particularly when referring to the prevention of a physical flow or movement. Overall, these synonyms for obstructive all convey a sense of something preventing progress or movement in an unwanted or unnecessary manner.

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How to use "Obstructive" in context?

The word "obstructive" is used to describe someone who is blocking someone else's ability to achieve their goals. Someone who is obstructive is often unaware of their actions and can be a big block to progress. When someone is obstructive, it can often lead to tension and conflict.

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