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Obtaining is a commonly used term when one secures, gains or acquires something. There are several synonyms for the word 'obtaining' that can be used as alternatives to express a similar meaning. Obtaining can be replaced with words like achieving, acquiring, procuring, gaining or attaining. These synonyms equally convey the act of getting something or achieving something, but with a slight variation in connotation and tone. For instance, "acquire" carries a more formal air of securing or obtaining something that was missing, while "procure" evokes an air of urgency or difficulty in acquiring something. In essence, the choice of synonyms depends largely on the context and tone desired by the user.

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How to use "Obtaining" in context?

Obtaining means to obtain something present or existing. The verb requires an object and is followed by a gerund. Obtaining can be broken down into five main actions: obtaining something via effort, obtaining something by gift, obtaining something through persuasion, obtaining something through fraud, and obtaining something illegally. Effort can be defined as making an effort to get what you want. For example, you might try to speak to the person in charge or ask around to see if anyone has any leads. Gift can be defined as giving something without getting something in return. For example, your friend might give you their copy of the book without expecting anything in return.

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