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Octave is a musical term that refers to the interval between two pitches where one note has a frequency that is double the frequency of the other. It is a fundamental concept in music theory, and there are many synonyms that can be used to describe it. Some of the synonyms for octave include an eighth, a perfect eighth, an eight-note, and a diapason. Other synonyms include a double pitch, a duplicate, and a twofold increase in frequency. The octave is an essential component of many musical scales and is found in many different styles of music around the world.

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The octave is the eighth note of the diatonic scale. It is the interval between the first and second tones of the chromatic scale. The octave is realized as the distance between the frequencies of two consecutive notes in equal tempered tuning. The distance between the first and second notes of a particular octave is one tenth of a semitone. In 12-ET, this is 88.6 Hz. The name "octave" is from the Latin octavus meaning "eight".

The octave is structurally important because it divides the range of human hearing into two usable parts.

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      octavian, Octavius.

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