What is another word for oddball?

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Odyssey is an oft-used word that means unusual or peculiar. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for oddball. For example, eccentric is a term used to describe someone who is unconventional in their thinking or behavior. Another word that can be used is idiosyncratic, which means a person who has peculiar habits or beliefs. Quirky is another useful word that describes someone or something that is unconventional or odd. Offbeat is an alternative term that can be used, suggesting an individual or an idea that is unusual or unconventional. In short, these words all convey the sense of being different, unique, or out-of-the-ordinary.

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How to use "Oddball" in context?

Oxford Dictionaries defines an oddball as: "a person who is out of the ordinary in appearance or behavior." Oddballs can be normal, or even quite attractive, in their own way. Not all oddballs are unusual in a bad way, though. Some are simply quirky, or enjoy breaking the rules. Whatever their reasons, they're loved by those who know them and admired by all.

While everyone has their own quirks, there are some peculiarities that make oddballs stand out. Maybe they have a interest in different cultures or unusual hobbies. Or they just dress a little differently, which can set them apart.

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