What is another word for off the deep end?

69 synonyms found


[ ˈɒf ðə dˈiːp ˈɛnd], [ ˈɒf ðə dˈiːp ˈɛnd], [ ˈɒ_f ð_ə d_ˈiː_p ˈɛ_n_d]

How to use "Off the deep end" in context?

If you're anything like me, then you'll occasionally feel like you're out of control. You might be in the middle of a conversation and suddenly feel like you need to get up and pace around. Or, you might just find yourself zoning out during your work, completely disengaged from the task at hand. It might feel like you're completely off the deep end, but in reality, this type of behavior is common among people who are feeling out of control.

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