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There are various synonyms for the word "offers" that can be used interchangeably to make the writing more interesting and engaging. Some of the synonyms for "offers" are "provides," "gives," "extends," "supplies," "submits," "presents," "puts forward," "hands over," "conveys," "pledges," "serves," "advertises," "promotes," "propagates," "touts," and many more. Using synonyms in writing allows the writer to avoid repetition, making the text more readable and engaging. It also adds variety to the writing and helps the reader to better understand the context and the message conveyed by the writer.

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    How to use "Offers" in context?

    If someone offers you a deal, it means that they are offering you something at a lower price than what you normally pay. In business, offers are a way to get a customer to purchase something at a cheaper price than they would normally do. Offers can also be used as a sales technique to get someone to buy something that they might not have otherwise.

    Offers can be made in many different ways. A company might offer free shipping on a purchase over a certain amount, for example. An individual might offer to do something for you for free in order to win your favor.

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