What is another word for officiously?

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[ əfˈɪʃəsli], [ əfˈɪʃəsli], [ ə_f_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_s_l_i]

Officiously is a term that is commonly used to describe someone who is excessively eager to offer their opinions or advice, especially when it is not solicited. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe someone who behaves in this manner. One such word is "bossy", which implies that the person is trying to take control of a situation. Another synonym for "officiously" is "meddlesome", which implies that the person is interfering in a situation that does not concern them. Other synonyms include "overbearing", "intrusive", "domineering", and "presumptuous". All of these words convey the sense that the person is being overly pushy or intrusive in their behavior.

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    How to use "Officiously" in context?

    The word "officiously" means acting in a formal or prescribed way. This word is often used in written language to denote a proper or correct manner. For example, a sentence might say that the letter was sent "officiously.

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