What is another word for often?

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Frequently, regularly, repeatedly, recurrently, usually, commonly, generally, habitually, consistently, steadily, persistently, constantly, routinely, regularly, predictably, repeatedly, unceasingly, continuously, incessantly are the synonyms for the word "often." These words represent a level of frequency or a high rate of occurrence, indicating that something occurs repeatedly or periodically. While "often" is a common word, it can become overused and repetitive in writing, prompting the need to seek out appropriate synonyms. Utilizing synonyms provides writers with a range of colorful words to choose from in order to enliven their work and give it that extra edge.

Synonyms for Often:

How to use "Often" in context?

Often we use the word "often" without realizing it. When we use the word often, we are implying that the occurrence is something that is common or typical. When we use the word often, we are also implying that the occurrence is something that is repetitive.

Here are a few examples of how often can be used in a sentence:

The dog always barks when someone walks by.

She often eats junk food.

The water always tastes terrible.

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