What is another word for on the part of?

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[ ɒnðə pˈɑːt ɒv], [ ɒnðə pˈɑːt ɒv], [ ɒ_n_ð_ə p_ˈɑː_t ɒ_v]

The phrase "on the part of" can be replaced with various synonyms that convey similar meanings. Some of these synonyms include "from the perspective of," "on behalf of," "due to," or "as a result of." Additionally, "on the part of" can be substituted with "through," "by," or "with regards to," depending on the intended context. These synonyms are useful for avoiding repetition in writing or speech and for providing variety in communication. It is important to note that selecting the appropriate synonym can depend on the situation and the audience, as certain synonyms may have specific connotations or nuances.

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    How to use "On the part of" in context?

    On the part of the user, the toolbar should be visible at all times. On the part of the developer, the toolbar should be visible only when the user is actively using it.

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