What is another word for opportunely?

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[ ɒpətjˈuːnli], [ ɒpətjˈuːnli], [ ɒ_p_ə_t_j_ˈuː_n_l_i]

Opportunely is a word that is used to describe an act that happens at the right time or moment. However, there are other words that can be used to express the same meaning, such as timely, seasonably, punctual, and conveniently. All these words convey a sense of appropriateness and relevance to a given situation. Some other synonyms to consider when writing about opportune moments are appropriately, propitiously, favourably and auspiciously. It is important to be mindful of the context when choosing a synonym, as each word might have slightly different connotations that could affect the intended message.

How to use "Opportunely" in context?

Opportunity knocks at the door, but only if you are open to it. The key to opportunity is to be opportunistic, not predictive. Be open to new ideas, opportunities, and possibilities. This can be done by staying abreast of global trends, listening to others, networking, and being curious. Opportunities will present themselves when you are ready for them.

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