What is another word for orbiter?

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The word "orbiter" refers to a spacecraft or satellite that orbits around a celestial body. Some synonyms for this term include "satellite," "space probe," and "spacecraft." These terms are often used interchangeably in discussions about space exploration and technology. Other potential synonyms for "orbiter" could include "in orbit" or "orbiting device," which describe the same concept of a device circling around an object in space. Regardless of the terminology used, the development and use of orbiting technology has been critical in expanding humanity's understanding of the cosmos and exploring new frontiers beyond our planet.

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    How to use "Orbiter" in context?

    Only a few humans have ever set foot on another planet, but thanks to incredible space technology, we've been able to explore the solar system and beyond for centuries. Enter rockets and satellites, which allow us to keep up with ever-expanding exploration efforts, and orbiters, which provide valuable data and imagery about our home planet and its surroundings. Orbiters are especially important for ongoing climate change research, as they can provide measurements that can't be obtained from Earth.

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