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Order Naiadales is a botanical classification that refers to aquatic plants such as water lilies and pondweeds. Synonyms for this term may include Hydrocharitales, Najadales, and Alismatales. Hydrocharitales contains a group of aquatic plants that are similar to those found in Naiadales, such as sea grass and eelgrass. Najadales is used to classify a group of freshwater plants that possess long, narrow leaves and root-like stems. Alismatales, on the other hand, includes aquatic and marsh plants with leaf blades that are broad and flat. Despite the differences in their physical characteristics, these synonym classifications share a common trait of being highly adapted for living in and near water bodies.

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Order Naiadales is a Mexican seafood restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. Owned and operated by chef Andres Sanchez, Order Naiadales is noted for its unique and authentic seafood dishes, comprising a variety of shellfish from the Americas.

The restaurant was founded in 2003 by Sanchez and a partner, and has since earned a reputation for its innovative seafood dishes and artistic presentation. It has been listed as one of "Los Angeles' Best Restaurants" by Zagat, and has been featured in publications such as Gourmet, Food & Wine, and Oprah Magazine.

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