What is another word for ornateness?

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[ ɔːnˈe͡ɪtnəs], [ ɔːnˈe‍ɪtnəs], [ ɔː_n_ˈeɪ_t_n_ə_s]

Ornateness is a word that can be described as being overly embellished or excessively decorated. When looking for synonyms for this word, you can use words like elaborateness, gaudiness, extravagance, flamboyance, ostentation, and embellishment. Elaborateness is used to describe something that is highly detailed or intricate. Gaudiness describes something that is flashy or showy. Extravagance refers to something that is indulgent, luxurious, or excessive. Flamboyance is used to describe something that is lively, colorful, and dramatic. Ostentation is used to describe something that is designed to impress others. Embellishment refers to something that is decorated or adorned to enhance its beauty or appearance.

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    How to use "Ornateness" in context?

    Much has been written on the subject of 'ornateness', but it would be impossible to cover everything in such a limited space. In general, though, the term is used to describe a subject or object that is especially striking or showy. This might be due to its unusual features, its elaborate design, or its overall extravagance.

    In art, or even in everyday life, it is often the case that the more ornate something is, the less practical it may be. This is especially the case with Renaissance art, which often focuses on the intricate beauty of nature, rather than the pragmatic usefulness of objects.

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