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Ort is a word that refers to small scraps or leftover food pieces. There are several synonyms for ort, and these include remnant, scrap, leftover, residue, remainder, and fragment. Some other synonyms for ort could include crumb, particle, bit, morsel, and shred. These words all describe the small, leftover pieces of food that might be left on a plate or in a container. While these words might seem similar, they each have slightly different meanings, and they might be used in different contexts. Regardless of the synonym chosen, all of these words refer to the small scraps and pieces of food that we might have left over after a meal.

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How to use "Ort" in context?

The word "Ort" is derived from the Old Norse word "hort" meaning a small enclosure, yard, or plot of ground. It is commonly used in place names in Scandinavia such as Horten in Norway, Hortsilia in Sweden, and Orte in Denmark.

The word is also found in English in the form of "hort", which is the name of a type of flower garden. Interestingly, the word "orte" also means a wine produced in the Cambridgeshire county of Orte.

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