What is another word for osmium?

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[ ˈɒzmi͡əm], [ ˈɒzmi‍əm], [ ˈɒ_z_m_iə_m]

Osmium is a rare metallic element with a distinct blue-gray appearance and a high melting point. Some of the synonyms for osmium include the Latin word "osme," which means odor, and the Greek word "osme," which means smell. Other synonyms for osmium include "iridium," "rhenium," and "platinum." These elements are all part of the same group on the periodic table and share similar properties, including their high melting points and resistance to corrosion. Osmium is also commonly used in the manufacture of alloys for electrical contacts, fountain pen nibs, and compass needles. It is a fascinating element with a unique set of properties that make it invaluable in many different applications.

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