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Ostracism is a powerful and often painful phenomenon that involves shunning or excluding an individual or group from social activities or relationships. Fortunately, there are many synonyms for this term that can be used to describe similar forms of behavior. Some of the most common synonyms for ostracism include rejection, exclusion, alienation, banishment, isolation, and marginalization. These terms are all useful for describing situations in which people or groups are deliberately excluded or pushed to the margins of society or social groups. Whether you are writing about bullying in high school, workplace politics, or political oppression, these synonyms can help you capture the essence of ostracism in your writing.

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Few words about what ostracism is: Simply put, ostracism is singling someone out or excluding them from a group, typically as a form of punishment. Ostracism usually involves an institutional mechanism, such as a school or workplace, that allows members to express their disapproval. It is distinct from social exclusion, which is a subjective feeling of not wanting to interact or be around someone.

There is a long history of ostracism as a punishment or social sanction. Ostracism has been used to eliminate people from ancient city-states, as well as to drive them out of medieval and modern societies.

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