What is another word for Otiosity?

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[ ˈə͡ʊtɪˈɒsɪti], [ ˈə‍ʊtɪˈɒsɪti], [ ˈəʊ_t_ɪ__ˈɒ_s_ɪ_t_i]

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    Synonyms for Otiosity:

    How to use "Otiosity" in context?

    Otiosity is defined as a feeling of interest or curiosity in something. It can be derived from any external or internal stimulus. Otiosity is a psychological state that is associated with happiness.

    There are many benefits to being otious. Otious people are more likely to be successful because they are more likely to be innovative. They also have a greater sense of purpose, and are more likely to be happy and content.

    One of the best ways to increase your otiosity is to get involved in activities that stimulate your curiosity. This could be anything from reading to traveling to learning new skills.

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