What is another word for out lining?

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Outlining can be defined as the process of creating a general overview or plan of a project, presentation or paper. Some synonyms for outlining include drafting, sketching, summarizing, mapping, tracing, skeletonizing, charting, describing, and delineating. Drafting refers to the process of creating a rough version of an outline; sketching involves creating a basic, informal overview; summarizing is about providing the main points or gist of a topic; mapping refers to creating a visual representation of the outline; tracing involves providing a detailed, exact description of a topic; skeletonizing involves outlining the basic structure of a project or paper, charting involves creating a graphical representation of an outline, describing is about providing a detailed explanation of a topic, and delineating involves providing an exact and precise outline of a topic.

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How to use "Out lining" in context?

Outlining is a process of prepping an outline for a paper before you start writing. Outlining is different from outlining in a word processor. In a word processor, you may have an outline that looks something like this:

1. Introduction

2. Thesis

3. Research Methodology

4. Body

5. Conclusion

When you outline in writing, you may start with the introduction, but then you'll move on to the body and then the conclusion. You may want to keep these three sections separate, but you're not limited to that.

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