What is another word for out of ones mind?

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[ ˌa͡ʊtəv wˈɒnz mˈa͡ɪnd], [ ˌa‍ʊtəv wˈɒnz mˈa‍ɪnd], [ ˌaʊ_t_ə_v w_ˈɒ_n_z m_ˈaɪ_n_d]

There are a variety of synonyms for the phrase "out of one's mind." Some of the most common include "insane," "crazy," "mad," "deranged," "nuts," "delirious," "unhinged," "irrational," "mentally unstable," "unbalanced," and "psychotic." These terms all describe someone who is not thinking clearly or rationally, and may be experiencing a range of mental health issues or psychological distress. It is important to approach these conditions with understanding and sensitivity, and to seek help from mental health professionals as needed to support individuals who are struggling with these challenges.

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How to use "Out of ones mind" in context?

There's an innate curiosity that propels humans to explore their surroundings. Our brains are constantly churning out new ideas, theories, and hypotheses in order to try and make sense of the world around us. To put it simply, we're out of our minds. Out of our heads, actually. Out of the mental realm that we usually inhabit. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has dubbed this seemingly magical state of being "flow" and it's something that we all yearn for from time to time. When everything feels completely smooth and effortless, we find ourselves completely absorbed in what we're doing.

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