What is another word for out-rage?

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Out-rage is a strong and intense emotion that usually occurs when individuals feel offended or insulted. Several synonyms that can be used to replace the word "outrage" include indignation, resentment, fury, anger, wrath, disgust, and annoyance. Indignation refers to feelings of anger or annoyance caused by perceived unfair treatment or injustice. Resentment refers to feelings of bitterness or anger, usually caused by hurt or insult. Fury is an intense and uncontrolled anger, while anger is a strong feeling caused by a perceived wrongdoing. Wrath refers to feelings of strong retribution or punishment towards someone. Disgust is a feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval, while annoyance refers to feelings of irritation or vexation.

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How to use "Out-rage" in context?

When you're tempers flaring, much can happen in a nanosecond. out-rage can be defined as the intensity of feeling aroused or outraged beyond what is considered socially acceptable or rational. The hormone dopamine is often associated with the sensation of pleasure and reward, so when something illicit or taboo fires up this hormone in a person, they may become agitated as their body reacts with a surge of energy. When this happens in a social setting, particularly one with strong cultural norms and expectations, out-rage can lead to destructive consequences.

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