What is another word for outfit?

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Outfit, a word that typically describes a set of clothes worn for a particular occasion, can be replaced by several other words, depending on the context. Some synonyms for outfit include attire, clothing, garments, apparel, and wardrobe. Each of these words can refer to a specific set of clothing, or to the entire collection of clothing owned by an individual. Alternatives like ensemble, getup, and rig-out are also appropriate for describing an outfit or specific clothing choices. In some cases, specific groups of clothing can be named, such as a suit, dress, or uniform. Ultimately, a writer or speaker should choose a synonym for outfit that best fits the tone and context of their communication.

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    Today, we will be discussing the term "outfit." When most people think of the word, they likely picture themselves in a traditional outfit - a dress, skirt, shirt, and blazer. But what about in the current fashion world? Do you have to stick to a certain type of outfit to be fashionable? In short, no. "Outfit" can mean anything from a traditional dress to gym clothes to a ripped T-shirt and combat boots.

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