What is another word for outhouse?

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An outhouse is a structure built outside of a house to provide a toilet facility, usually consisting of a pit. However, there are plenty of other synonyms for "outhouse" that might be more suitable for certain contexts. The most common alternatives include "privy," "toilet shed," and "latrine." Less commonly used synonyms include "necessary house," "thunderbox," "backhouse," and "night soil residence." While some of these words may sound archaic or antiquated, they all refer to the same basic concept of an outdoor toilet structure. Whether you're trying to add some variety to your vocabulary or simply looking for a more descriptive term, there are plenty of synonyms for "outhouse" to choose from.

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What is an outhouse?

An outhouse is a type of outbuilding that provides sanitation for humans. It is a small, often primitive building made of sheet metal, earth, or logs, with a wooden or metal roof, that served as the primary means of human waste disposal until the mid 20th century. Outhouses are now mainly used for recreational purposes, such as camping and primitive hunting.

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