What is another word for outstrip?

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[ a͡ʊtstɹˈɪp], [ a‍ʊtstɹˈɪp], [ aʊ_t_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_p]

Synonyms for Outstrip:

How to use "Outstrip" in context?

When describing how much something "outstrips" others, one may mean either in terms of quantity or quality. When talking about quantity, an object or action that outstrips others in terms of sheer quantity is said to be "outstripping." This can be in terms of the total number of items produced, the total number of syllables uttered, or the total number of miles traveled. When discussing quality, something that outstrips others in terms of quality is said to be "outstripping." This could entail excellence in workmanship, beauty, or size.

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